5 Great Things to do on First Dates In Any City

Getting ready to get back out into the dating world is going to be somewhat of a reality shocker for some. Now of course, depending on how long you have been out of the dating world, and for whatever reason you find yourself returning, there are going to be some changes from say 5 years ago. But there are many new great things to do on a first date.
Here are five things that you can find in just about any great city. All are low cost, unique and fun ice-breakers for just about everyone:
1. Pet parks- If you and the person you are going out with are looking for a great start to get acquainted outside of the workplace, church or wherever you would normally see one another, plan to meet at the pet park and go for a walk. Take the pets offering something in common for you both to discuss. End the date on a good note inviting the other out for dinner or a glass of wine later that evening.
2. Theater- Here we are not talking about the movie theater. Most great cities, both large and small offer some form of live theater. Offer to take her out on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, early to see the current play or musical. This gives you the chance to have something in common to discuss afterward when you walk to a nearby sidewalk cafe or fancy restaurant of her choosing. Show her a side of class.
3. Sports game- Of course again this is going to be one of those things that you want to be sure you both are interested in. If by chance they have never experienced any of the pro or college games live this is a great opportunity for you to show them something new and offer a great fun experience.
4. Art shows- Plan an afternoon to one of the local art shows or museums in town. Something that allows you to walk around together and stop and admire all of the art work or historical artifacts. This is great in that it offers no time restrictions or deadlines but plenty of conversation starters.
5. Farmers Market or the Countryside- Lastly, every city offers something outside of the city. Get him or her on a Saturday or Sunday and get out of the city go visit one of the little towns on the edge of the city, stop at a farmers market, see what the true countryside is like, stop at a diner, just road trip and enjoy each other.
So, Try this out and enjoy your first date.


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How To Use Sex Toys With Your Partner

Interested In Sex Toys? How to Get Started With Your Partner

Whether you’re an all-star in the bedroom and you’re looking to get your partner out of their box or you’re a newbie looking to spice things up, sex toys can be a lot of fun. However, talking to your partner can about wanting to give them a try can be a bit more delicate than it seems.

Use this guide to help you talk to your partner about sex toys and make it a fun thing, not a scary one.

Start Slow

If you’re already familiar with sex toys – maybe you even already own some – you don’t want to scare your partner by getting too advanced on them too fast. One of the best things you can do for somebody who is potentially intimidated is to simply buy basic items that aren’t so scary.

For example, things like cock rings, wearable items and small massagers can work much better than items used for penetration. Starting slow is essential if you want to keep from scaring your partner out of the mood.

Don’t Rely on Toys

Toys aren’t a way to make your sex life better all the time, and they aren’t a replacement for your partner. Make sure that an apprehensive partner knows that, and don’t pull the toys out each and every time that you’re together. If you do, you could run the risk of a sensitive partner thinking they aren’t enough for you.

That’s likely not what you mean, so don’t make them feel that way.

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Collars and Cuffs Make a Fashion Come Back

Collars and cuffs were once thought of as only a trend for high school students. Over the years, the trend of adding a collar of cuff to your attire has expanded. Many musicians wear them during their performances. Some even have custom designs that appeal to a more mainstream audience.

What is a Leather Collar?

A fashionable collar is designed in a similar way to that of a pet. It is made from a thick, durable leather that can withstand some weather and is resistant to aging. Unlike a pet collar, a leather collar is sized for a human to wear comfortably. It can be worn all day long and is designed to be lightweight.

A fashion leather collar also doesn’t have the same features as a pet collar. Collars intended for animals tend to be plain and boring, because safety is more of a concern. With fashion collars, many different spikes, beads and metal pieces can be added. This gives the wearer more of a unique look.

For ideas on how to wear fashionable cuffs and collars, click here. There are many options available for fashionistas or people who just want a unique look. If you love the style but don’t want a necklace or bracelet, try a custom leather belt.

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The Benefits of Adding Something to the Bedroom

The Benefits of Adding Something to the Bedroom

People sometimes get a little nervous when the discussion of bedroom activities comes up. Whether you view this as something to openly discuss with friends or private moments to keep between partners, the fact is that you can improve your love life and enjoy each other more by adding a few toys to the mix. Here are just a few of the benefits you can reap from investing in adult sex toys and adding them to your repertoire.

There’s no Pressure
You probably have two goals in the bedroom. You want your partner to enjoy the moment, but you also want to experience some pleasure. With toys, there’s no extra pressure on either one of you. Whatever works for each of you can be accommodated, and you can both enjoy this private time.

Mix it Up and Keep it Interesting
You may feel silly trying new positions, or the shape of your body may actually limit the positions that work for you. However, this isn’t a problem when you add a few toys to the mix. They work in any position, and that helps you both make the most out of the experience.

More Intimacy
If you’ve always viewed sex toys as devices to be used when you’re alone, then it’s time to change that mindset. Le they certainly work when you’re alone and need some relief, they don’t have to be used that way forever. Bring them out when you’re together and learn something new about each other.

If you’re looking to take your sex life to a great new level, then put the magazine down and invest in a few toys. They’re interactive, and they help ensure that everyone has a great time. The biggest challenge may be moving past your own view of toys, but you’ll be richly rewarded in the end

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