Collars and Cuffs Make a Fashion Come Back

Collars and Cuffs Make a Fashion Come Back

Collars and cuffs were once thought of as only a trend for high school students. Over the years, the trend of adding a collar of cuff to your attire has expanded. Many musicians wear them during their performances. Some even have custom designs that appeal to a more mainstream audience.

What is a Leather Collar?

A fashionable collar is designed in a similar way to that of a pet. It is made from a thick, durable leather that can withstand some weather and is resistant to aging. Unlike a pet collar, a leather collar is sized for a human to wear comfortably. It can be worn all day long and is designed to be lightweight.

A fashion leather collar also doesn’t have the same features as a pet collar. Collars intended for animals tend to be plain and boring, because safety is more of a concern. With fashion collars, many different spikes, beads and metal pieces can be added. This gives the wearer more of a unique look.

For ideas on how to wear fashionable cuffs and collars, click here. There are many options available for fashionistas or people who just want a unique look. If you love the style but don’t want a necklace or bracelet, try a custom leather belt.

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